Personal Styling Workshop

Personal Styling is an important part of creating a Personal Brand. Because your personality is not the first thing people see, your style needs to represent who you want to be seen at, whilst fitting with your lifestyle.

We participated at Belle By Myself, which was an event around beauty and style for women. We responded present, alongside hair & makeup artists. We hosted a workshop where we were guiding our Muses-to-be to define their values,  their goals, their brand to then discover and create a mood board of their personal style.

It was really amazing to see them leaving, inspired &  feeling more confident in experimenting with new style.

Here is a sneak peek of the event


I have had a lot of compliments from my colleagues because of my look. They were impressed and fascinated. Need to express myself more and more and get more comfortable with it. Thanks again for your advice!!! 😘”