The ModernMuse of the day : Priscilla


  • Hello what’s your name and what do you do?

Hello my name is Priscilla and I am the founder of Match Your Vibe, an online fashion store that sells matching outfits for couples family and friends 

  • What’s your preferred quote or motivation mantra

So, I don’t really have a preferred mantra or something. I think six months ago I tattooed a diamond on my wrist to remember every morning my values, no matter how hard life is, a diamond never breaks.

  • What are you passionate about? 

So I’m very passionate about business fashion and branding. I think branding is how you create a brand that resonates with people. That always fascinated me.

  • So what makes you do what you do by setting up your business?

Wow that’s a very very tough question. I always had a passion for business and I always wanted to set up my own business from a young age. I was still waiting for the idea to come and nothing really came until a year ago when I went on a trip to Paris with my ex-boyfriend, and yes that’s where the Match Your Vibe adventure began.

  •  What made you do it,  what was the idea?

I always had a passion for business and fashion and I always wanted to set up my own business, but I was looking for the idea. You know the kind of idea that will make you invest time, money and effort. The business idea I was desperately waiting for, came during Summer 2016 when I went on a trip to Paris with my then boyfriend. We both had quite a strong passion for fashion and we always try to coordinate our outfits to make sure that it looks like we are together. You want to show the world that you are with someone that you love, so I went online and try to find a matching outfit and I couldn’t find anything, can you believe that!

The only thing that I could find was really cheesy and tacky, and that was not really my style. I decided that I should launch an online fashion store where I could find matching outfits for me and my boyfriend. That’s how the story began.

And yes during that time I had a lot of time to think about my life and realise that I was extremely unhappy. At the beginning of 2017, I went through a huge depression, I questioned my life and  I just quit my job and decided to follow my dream, and here I am and here is Match Your Vibe

  • Tell us about your journey. What are the biggest challenges you ever faced?

That’s another really tough question. I think the entrepreneurial journey is faced with many challenges and I can’t really think about one in particular. I think that what I have experienced is loneliness. Even if you have the right network, because I do have one and I do have the right people around me, it’s your business, it’s your idea, it’s your baby and no one can feed your baby better than you can. So yes it’s very difficult not having the light from friends & family so I would say this is my biggest challenge.

  • What is inspiring you?

I think I’m very inspired by love and fashion and that’s why  I have created Match Your Vibe. A concept around togetherness. In a way, I wanted to feel closer to the People that I love.  I think that’s what actually inspiring me the most.

  • How do you think having a strong personal brand can help your business?

That’s a good question for me I think it’s everything. A personal brand can help you in many aspects. I mean, when you go to a meeting the first thing people see is how you portray yourself. I’m in fashion so I think people expect me to dress well, it’s kind of normal. I think a lot of people under evaluate the importance of thinking about their personal branding and yes I would highly recommend someone who doesn’t really know how to do that to ask advice. At the end of the day, your business and yourself are linked and you need to make sure that you are well branded.

  • What is your message for the ModernMuses community?

I would say start somewhere today just do it you know, even if you have to take baby-steps it doesn’t matter but you need to start somewhere straight away. You can’t say that you are going to do it in a month’ time two months, years you just need to start! I think the most difficult part is to start. If I go back from the beginning when I started Match Your Vibe, this was the most difficult thing because I didn’t have anything. Now I have more than I had before. It’s really difficult to stay motivated at the beginning so just do small baby steps, just do one task every day, and then you’ll see after 30 days what you will have accomplished will just blow you away. So believe in yourself and don’t be afraid of failing because you never fail when you start your own business, you always learn. 

  • Where do you see yourself in 5 or 10 years?

Okay, where do I see myself… I hope in five years I could be someone who has inspired the younger generation as a black woman. I would say that I really want to inspire Black young women to start their business, to appreciate themselves and to have more confidence in themselves. As a woman, I would hope to inspire other women not to be afraid, not to try to fit into the norm. No! we can all be an entrepreneur if we want, we can all decide the life that we want to do. It’s okay to be 29 and not being married and have kids. It’s okay, so just believe in yourself, follow your guts. That’s the way I see myself in five years that’s what will make me so proud. Seeing people coming and tell me “you inspired me to start my own business” that will be the most amazing gift that I could receive!

  • Where can we connect with you?

Matchyourvibe on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.


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The ModernMuse of the day: Laurence


  • Hello what’s your name and what do you do?

” I am Laurence, I am a paid search analyst. I do advertising across search, paid social and display channels.

  • What’s your preferred quote on motivation mantra

My motivation mantra is: ” keep going despite the difficulties and keep going until you reach your goal.”

  • What are you passionate about? 

I am passionate about music, this is my first love. I love Hip-Hop and can’t live without music. Because I have been passionate about music for years I wanted to be involved in the music industry in London which was complicated at the beginning.I started to tweet and retweet a lot to share a lot of music content across social networks.

  • Tell us about your journey. What are the biggest challenges you ever faced?

I remember, last May, there was a Music event called This Is Wired.  They organised a “This is Wired” Birthday and as I was following their twitter account, I saw that people could win an invitation to the event by sending an email. I sent my email and a girl got back to me and mentioned that I could get in. The day of the event I was thinking that I needed to get in touch with this girl and be smart enough not to blow out my chances and my luck.I went to the event, it was amazing, there was a lot of performances. This was my first step into the industry. In September I then had my first contract with a client.

  • What is inspiring you?

The simple thing that inspires me every day is the music and the artist because the music industry is very hard to get in. As an artist, you have to be talented and smart. Talent is not enough, you need to be smart and be surrounded by talented people who will help you to get to the top. The artists I love inspire me every day. And my Mum as well! She is a strong woman!

  • Do you think having a personal brand is important ?

Having a strong personal brand to reach your client is good but not enough. You need to get an attractive personal brand, to make sure you reach the right audience. You need to make sure that the message is straightforward because people need to remember your brand, the creativity behind it and your message. If your message is attractive enough they will remember you

  • Where do you see yourself in five or 10 years?

In 10 years I am 100% sure I will run my music digital company!

  • What is your message for the ModernMuses community?

For the Modern Muses community, my advice is to keep going despite your difficulties! “

  • Where can we connect with you?

@Tiloucia on Instagram and on Twitter


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